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Marilyn (Wirral)

Atsuko is an amazing Oesteopath and a fabulous person who puts you at ease.
She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and very professional and friendly.

I have had back and posture problems for a very long time and after just one session with Atsuko I felt much better and continue to do so.
If I have a relapse I know Atsuko will get me right again!

I have never felt better and would not hesitate to recommend Atsuko!
I would not got to anyone else!

Linda K (Wirral)

I have suffered chronic shoulder pain for more than 5 years and a whole range of conventional and alternative therapies proved ineffective until I found Atsuko. Patiently and thoroughly she has managed to reduce my pain significantly. My pain medication is gradually reducing, I sleep better and my mood has lifted.


Atsuko is friendly, reassuring and extremely skilled, she seems to ‘read’ my body with care and concentration. It is not an exaggeration to say that she has changed my life and I do not hesitate in recommending her.

Lucy C (Wirral)

When my back gave way suddenly in January 2016, I was in such pain that I could not walk.  My husband made an appointment for me to have a consultation with Atsuko and she was extremely sympathetic and suggested a course of treatment.  Within a few weeks I was completely free from pain and walking again.


Since then I go regularly to Atsuko for what we call ‘general wellbring and maintenance’ treatments. I am very impressed indeed with Atsuko and recomment her highly. 

Linda R (Birkenhead)

I have seen Atsuko for over 2 years now. During this time, her treatment has enable me to continue working, as I have had a chronic health issue. I am a National Health worker and work in a demanding team. My role means a great deal to me and I am reluctant to have time off work.

Her treatment helped a speedy recovery and kept me going. I readily recommend her and her treatments. She is kind, gentle and extremely skilled.

Paul B (Wirral)

I have been going to Atsuko regularly for general wellbring and “maintenance” purposes, rather than having a specific injury or complaint that needs treating.  I find that this works very well in warding off any potential issues by catching them before they become a problem and I always feel an improvement after I have been to Atsuko for treatment.


When I did have a particular problem with a twisted knee, Atsuko knew exactly what to do and I am convinced that I was walking and moving normally again much quicker thanks to her timely intervention. 

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